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No matter which package you choose, we start with an hour long Alchemy Session. When you schedule, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire. This allows be to not only get an insight into your business, your platforms (if any are being used) and your goals but allows me to be prepared to ask questions of my own.

These additional questions during our time together give me a good understanding about the support you need, if I can meet those needs and offer suggestions into other areas you may not have been aware of.

Then I go a step deeper into your goals for your business and into the vision you hold for it and for the future of it. This is critical as I am a big picture person. When I can see your whole year and even 5-year plan, I can then create an outline with you on how we are going to meet and even exceed your goals.

That outline then allows me to plan out all the little steps to get from A to B, A to O and A-Z so that we strategically plan out the year and give you continuous leads, clients and income.

If this is a one-time project or Zoom producing, the time will be used to go over the project or event.

Common questions and their answers are below in my FAQ section.

Pick Your Package to wotk with Kimberly Laverdure, The Vitual Life Alchemist
Online Event Producer

The Online Event Producer package or project-based is perfect when you host online events such as Masterclasses, Webinars, Virtual events, etc.

Don’t worry again about chat support, expert breakout room management, spotlighting, scipt templates and more!

Retreat Coordinator

The Retreat Coordinator is similar to in-person events. Before, during and after retreat support, venue liaison, concierge support for participants, etc. Retreats can be immersions, destination and cultural immersion retreats, private mastermind and client retreats, team retreats and many more.

In-Person Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator project-based option gives you before, during and after event support. This is for full back-of-the room support, coordinating contract with venue, liaion with the venue during the event, handling all participant and facilitator needs, volunteer coordination, registration and virtual support component for hybrid events.

Sales Team Coordinator

When you make an offer at your in-person, online or hybrid events, the conversations don’t end at the offer. In fact, it starts before you make your offer. As an experiences back- of-the room sales coach, I can lead your sales team so you can focus on the event and your offer. You get before, during and after event sales team support.

The Starter Package is for you if you are ready to build your business foundation, do not have systems in place or only have the bare minimum, need to automate, streamline and organize your foundational system and are ready to start building a team for support and growth.

The Starter Package is the perfect mix of most of the packages I offer.  This package can be customized based on your needs and has basic components for building your business foundation.

The Starter Package PLUS is for you if you: need to add to or revamp your existing foundation platform, to automate, streamline and organize your foundational systems, ready to add to or start your team for support and growth, need team management, ready to launch your first course, new course, hold events and build/nuture your list.

The Starter Package PLUS gives you a boost up from the Starter Package to include launching, list building and nurturing and much more.

Once your foundation is in place, the Monthly Maintenance Package keeps things moving forward, organized and streamlined. 

This package is also for the Soulopreneur who is already set up but needs the support of a team to be able to step out of the business details and busy work so you can concentrate on bringing your gifts out into the world.

This is the Maintenance Package boost!

The Monthly Maintenance Package PLUS adds more support features to the existing Maintenance Package.

This package is for you if you:

  • Aren’t a techy and want things done quickly and efficiently
  • You are techy but don’t have the time to spend on tech projects
  • Aren’t ready to hire a team full time but want the support of a team for specific projects

Tech packages are per project AND this package CAN be customized to include one or more of the support features.

This is the Tech Package boost with support! This feature works best for when you need a zoom or event producer on a consistent basis.

All the features of tech with the added bonus of support for online projects and events.

This is for the Soulopreneur who:

  •  Already has programs in place and it is time to start promoting to a new group 
  • Ready to launch a new version 
  • Launched by yourself in the past and ready to launch again but need support
  • Needs event support

This is for the Soulopreneur or business owner who:

  •  Needs a launch manager consistently
  • Ready to launch a new version 
  • Launched by yourself in the past and ready to launch again but need support
  • Needs back of the room or zoome producer support

If you are not sure which package best suits your needs or would like to look at options of combining or cherry picking certain tasks from separate packages, let’s schedule a zoom conversation. In it, I will ask a series of questions to get to know your business and you better, get a comprehensive overview of your business and what your goals are plus sort out any struggles or blocks from achieving those goals.

And if you have an idea of which package might best suit you, my Alchemy Session is still the first step in determining if we are a fit and I can support you in what you need.

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Here are the most common questions I get asked.

If you don’t see one that pertains to you, reach out to

I don't see any pricing, why don't you list them?

This is a common one and I don’t list pricing because the final agreed price depends on what support you need, how many hours per week or month, your budget and other factors. 

What if I don't see my package listed?

No worries! While many of my clients start out in a package, I also have had many that needed a more customized option. No matter what you need, we’ll figure it out together in our Alchemy Session.

Do you have a group program where I can get help without you having to do the work?

I am in the process of creating that now. This is a great option for people who have a team and need some additional training but want the group price or are DIY due to budget constraints or really like the idea of group coaching. This program will give you everything you need to set up your foundational systems, get on track with project management and get templates for anything your business needs. If you’re interested, you can join my wait list here.

Do you have minimum hour cap?

I do! But only for packages. If it is a one-time project or a small one off aside from your package, we’ll agree on the time it will take to complete. If you’re hiring me on a retainer basis (as most of my clients do), my minimum is 5 hours a month.

Are your prices per hour or per package?

Although I use the framework of ‘hours’ for discussion, billing per hour only applies to smaller projects. Even then, I strive to ensure fairness by estimating a reasonable price according to the projected duration of the project.

For my service packages, I have established price points centered around a standard commitment of 10 hours per month, with options for 15, 20, or more hours. Drawing from my experience, I have a clear understanding of the time required for various tasks, and during our discussions, we align on the scope of work and determine the monthly allotment based on these estimates. There is also a committment on both of our parts that if work is taking longer and there is more involved than initially discussed we will adjust the monthly fee. Same if is less work or less hours than expected.

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